Wednesday, February 2, 2011

God Means Go

So it's official: I will be spending a little over six weeks of my summer in Paris, France.
I know, I'm still pinching myself. Is this real? A week ago I didn't even know about the program, literally. But God likes to surprise me, I think. I kept telling Him that if this wasn't where He wanted me I needed a blatant sign. And give me signs He did, but they were all telling me to go. Everything just started falling into place, and that's when I realized that I didn't need flashing lights to direct my decision. God gives us signs all the time, many times in the most simple ways. We just fail to notice them because we don't expect God to be so fully and intricately a part of our lives. It's like we can't imagine that He would be behind a seemingly random thing, like finding out about the study abroad experience we've always dreamed of two days before it's too late to apply (or maybe that's just me). So look for Him, because He is everywhere.

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