Friday, February 4, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things

As I lay in bed writing this blog (yes, it is 2:41 in the afternoon), I can hear the pitter-patter of rain drops against the tiny square of tin roof on top of our house. I can hear the trickle of water running in the tiniest of rivers down my windows, and I can almost feel the chill the rain brings seeping in through my walls (That last one is probably pretty accurate; my house is a bit old.).
When I woke up, the first thing I did was go pick up my roommates from their classes--I don't have Friday classes, by the grace of God! And the first thing I thought as I stepped out the door was, "This is the most disgusting day!" 
Now wait a minute. Disgusting? or beautiful? The more I thought about it, the more I realized what a beautiful little thing this day was going to be. Although it might be messy to get out in, it's the perfect excuse to stay in, to slow down. I would argue whether any of us really understands what those two words together mean anymore, but we could all use a day like today to teach us. I think God uses rainy days to do just that, to make us slow down for a second. Even if we're only slowing down because we take an hour to decide if we really want to get out and run those unnecessary errands in this weather or not. 
So I'm slowing down. And realizing how much I actually love messy, rainy days like today. They're one of my favorite things. I have a lot of favorite things, so I'm going to share a few.
My family. My beautiful, incredible, God-given family. This is us on the Golden Gate Bridge last summer, and it was so windy. That's probably why we all look so blown away, literally. That and the fact that it was really beautiful up there. I will be writing about my family a lot, and I mean a lot. They are the most important people in my life--I could write about them for days, but I'll save whoever is reading this from that sappy mess. (Note: from the left: my beautiful mom, me, my sister and very best friend Morgan, and my sweet dad) 

Now this little bundle of joy is also part of the family :) Don't you just want to squeeze her through the screen?? Her name is Ellie, also known as Ellie Bear. We call her Jelly most of the time (thus, the jar of peanut butter beside her). She's Morgan's dog but...the rest of the family likes to think she's everyone's dog too.
The Grit. oh my goodness...where do I begin? The Grit is this incredible little vegan restaurant in Athens. Don't be quick to judge! I know vegan comes with a negative connotation sometimes, but it is truly the best food you'll ever eat. Not to mention their cakes. the. best. cake you will ever have in your lifetime, I kid you not. My favorite is the lemon poppyseed cake. I have no words to describe it, so I won't even try. My point is that this is my favorite restaurant, hands down. Go try it.
And finally...good friends. There just isn't anything better, is there? And these are the best. These girls are the ones I lived with my first semester at UGA and the ones I live with now. And I just love them so much. Good friends can make any bad day better. (that sounds like a lyric right out of a country song, but it's true) 
I could stay in bed all day talking about my favorite things, but it's time to get up now. Don't worry, I'm not speeding up. I'm just making cookies. I hope you enjoy your slow day too. 

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  1. i'm so glad you are blogging! can't wait to hear what the Lord is teaching you in these last years of college life. i miss you girls so much.