Tuesday, March 22, 2011

7 Things

Don't worry...the title of this blog is not referencing one of Miley Cirus's top hits that is filled with lyrics pronouncing the high school angst she never actually got to experience.
It's announcing my first Blog Award! My wonderful, talented sister Morgan nominated me as a blogger deserving the 7 Fun Facts Blog Award (granted, she is my sister and is somewhat obligated to). By the way, her blog is incredible and will make your mouth water--it's a cooking blog, you guys--and you should definitely check it out: Confections from the Cody Kitchen. So here go 7 fun/random/potentially boring facts about me!

1. When people ask me what color my eyes are I never really know how to answer them. This is because my eyes are literally constantly changing color. When I wear blue, they're blue; when I wear green, they're...you've got it. At any other point in time, they're somewhere in between, but they always have this rim of yellow around the pupil, sort of like a sunflower. What I wouldn't give for brown eyes some days...

2. I'm slightly/definitely obsessed with TOMS Shoes. The company operates on a "One-for-One" basis, meaning that for every pair of TOMS shoes bought, a pair will be given to a child somewhere in the world who doesn't have shoes to put on their feet. AND the shoes are adorable! What a great cause, and what an encouraging thing that there is actually a company out there who is not working simply for profit. If you've never heard of TOMS before, go to their website and buy a pair! It's a charitable reason to shop :) TOMS Shoes

3. I love to clean. LOVE, love, l-o-v-e to clean. Living in a clean house is an absolute necessity in my life; quite frankly, I don't understand how it's not for everyone else. But I get it honest from my mom..so don't judge.

4. I started playing the piano when I was four. My grandmother plays, my mom plays, so I guess it's in my blood. I love listening to it, I love watching it be played, and I love playing it with my own hands. I haven't played in a while, but when I do sit down on the bench and run my fingers over the keys, it all comes back to me. I miss it even more now that I'm writing about it--maybe I'll get to play one soon.

5. I used to want to live on a farm. Like a real farm. The kind where you get up at 4 o'clock in the morning to milk the cows and gather the eggs and you have pigs and horses and you hang your sheets to dry on the clothesline. Basically, I wanted to live on the set of Little House on the Prairie. It wasn't until my mom gave me a reality check that I realized how hard it would actually be but...one can dream, right?

6. I am related to Buffalo Bill Cody--yes, the legend. Cool, right? Except that he's probably my 17th great uncle 5 times removed or something really complicated. But we share the last name and we're related so I'm keeping that fact.

7. I have recently fallen even more in love with Charleston than I already was and secretly hope I end up there at some point. Even if not for the rest my life, I would give anything to be able to stroll down Meeting Street on any given day. The history of that city is incredible. (The shopping and food probably have something to do with this, too.) That said, there is no place I will ever love more than Georgia.

And now comes my time to nominate another blog. I would nominate three but I haven't gained a huge blog following yet so I'll pick one that it written by someone I hold very close to my heart. Grace Morris--one of the kindest, sweetest, bubbliest people I know, and one of my very best friends. She has the cutest blog! So here's your turn, Gracie! A Girl Named Grace

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