Friday, March 4, 2011

City of [my] Dreams

So I've been holding off on writing this post for some time now, mostly because I didn't want to speak too quickly and then my news fall through. But...I'm really excited about this summer because I'll be traveling to a city I've only ever seen in my dreams--PARIS!
Paris, the city of lights, love and dreams...this is where I will be for a little over six weeks this summer. Studying, eating bread and pastries (probably too many), drinking wine, touring France, and hopefully smoking a cigarette out of one of those long, classy cigarette holders--you know, like the one Cruella de Vil was always holding between her fingers? Now I'm not a smoker; actually, I've never smoked anything in my life. Really. But those French women who always have those long, skinny cigarette holders just look so sophisticated to me, and I feel like that is something you just have to do if you're going to be in Paris. So I will, even though my dad is vehemently opposed to the idea of me with a cigarette in my mouth (sorry, dad).
What I might be even more excited about is all of the fabulous shopping in that city. Can I afford 90% of what will be there? Absolutely not. Am I still going to go into all of the stores? Absolutely, yes. It's all about the experience, so I'm preparing myself to experience a lot of window shopping.
I've already begun to think about what in the world I am going to wear while I'm there. How am I supposed to live up to those fashionable French women? I've heard they all look like they're walking the runway, even on a simple trip to the store. I guess I'd better start practicing walking long distances in heels...
So if you have traveled to Paris (or anywhere in Europe, for that matter) and have any suggestions as to where to find the best pasta, the freshest flowers, the sweetest wine, the most spectacular landmark, etc...please let me know! I'm open to anything and everything, so give me what you've got. Wish me luck and safety! (Don't worry, my dad is forcing me to watch Taken at least a hundred times before I leave.)
Au revoir!

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