Wednesday, March 9, 2011


This morning my alarm went off a lot earlier than it usually does. It went off at 5:30.........5:30 a.m. 
This wasn't by mistake, though.
I woke up because I was planning on watching the sun rise with some of my very best friends (I call them the Hampton girls--I'll explain that another day, another blog). We came up with this idea the other day as we were talking about what a sweet time the morning is. It's quiet. It's clean of all mistakes and sins and bad news. It's a time when you can focus on everything that the new day holds, rather than everything that has already come and gone. It is the absolute best time to be with God, because it's just you and Him. Whether you use that time to read his love letter or pray or even just be still and quiet, you will begin your day with a peace that cannot be obtained any other way.
So, when my alarm went off this morning, I was relieved. Mostly because I spent my night in and out of nightmares and was glad to get away from them, but also because I couldn't wait to watch a new day start.
But when I got to the Hampton house (where my friends live), we all realized that there wasn't going to be a sunrise today. The forecast for the day was rainy, so all we were going to see was the sky turn from black to gray to a lighter gray. No sunrise.
I was disappointed. I laid in their bed and wished that I could watch my Wednesday come to life in the sky. How was I supposed to fully experience the newness of the day if I couldn't see it happen with my eyes?
And I realized something. The sun rising was not what was going to make the day new. Today wasn't going to be any less clean and new and full of promise simply because rain was falling from the sky. If anything, the rain was another sign that the old was being washed away, leaving the new day a clean slate. I wasn't any less capable of spending a quiet moment with God because the sky wasn't 1000 shades of pink.
And then I realized something else.
Isn't the sunrise so much like other things in our lives that we come to expect? So many times I find myself thinking that if I don't have a tangible, visible way of seeing something happening then it must not be real. It must not really be happening. But this is such a skewed way of viewing life. God is always at work; things are always changing and starting and ending and renewing themselves, and 99% of the time we are completely unaware of it. Did the day fail to start because I couldn't see the sun make its entrance into the sky? No. God is bigger than that. Rain doesn't stop him, and neither do our narrow, human minds.
It's 7:45, and the day has begun. Yes, even though there was no sunrise. It's still quiet, the birds are still singing their songs, and God is still at work in this new day. Even though there was no sunrise.
I was looking for the wrong sun. The one I was looking for is bright, but the real Son is brighter. And HE is the one who brings the new day.
So take your new day and run with it, do good with it,  learn from it, love through it, and live it as though it might be your last.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful words today! What a powerful, God filled thought. Amen! Love it and you! Here's to a God filled, grey, cloudy sky! What a glorious day is ahead of us!