Saturday, April 30, 2011

study break

I'm actually supposed to be studying right now...surprising, I know. But I just can't.
As I sit here in the courtyard at Jittery Joe's with Amberleia (one of my best friends and roomies), my mind is thinking of everything but how to cover a court story, which is what it should be doing. The afternoon is too beautiful, the sun too bright, the breeze blowing too perfectly through my hair, my eyelids too heavy for such a task. I even walked to Yoforia for a temporary escape. It was gone in probably five minutes. Probably less--let's be honest.

So here I am, again. This seems to be my escape a lot lately. I might not be able to form one sentence for a research paper, but I come here and my fingers start flying.
I have found that the weekends just keep getting better as the semester comes to an end. And it's going to be over in a week and! It can't end, because then that means I'm a senior and that's one less year of college life and one year closer to real life. Literally, my blood pressure is rising just writing about it. Growing up, everyone always told me how fast life flies by. It seemed like something that was just required for older people to say to those of us who were young and had our whole lives ahead of us, so I never believed it. There were also so many times where I felt like life was passing so slowly and I was never going to be 16, never going to be a senior in high school, never going to get to college...can I go back please??
Okay, not really. I don't miss high school angst at all, but I do wish I could put my life on slow-motion so I could have more time to soak everything in. Realizing how quickly everything is coming and going makes me want to appreciate everything so much more, even when it's hard to. It also has made me seriously think about what I'm doing with my life. Where am I now? Where does God want me to be? What is it that He wants to do with me and through me and is what I'm doing allowing him to use me?
Yes, this is why my mind is anywhere but on journalism.
But let's be real, I have to go study. No more blogging procrastination for me...until tomorrow.

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