Monday, April 11, 2011

while I'm at it...

I feel like love has been a frequent topic on my blog I find it appropriate to take some time to write about things I love.
just to name a few...
I love apples that are really, really crispy.
I love waking up early enough to make coffee and spend some time with Jesus before the day starts.
I also love sleeping in late. really late. too late.
I love my dad's t-shirts. Sometimes I steal one when I'm home, because I swear it never stops smelling like him.
I love the way my head rests in the nook of my mom's neck when I hug her for a long time (yes..I am that much taller than her).
I love working up a good sweat. I don't love being sweaty with no access to a shower in sight.
I love perfume. I have too much of it. I just like to smell pretty--what's wrong with that?
I love to read. love to read.
I love cookies. And I love to pick them apart when I eat I do with basically anything I eat.
I love frozen yogurt. (are you noticing the foot pattern here?)
I love warm weather. God put me in the South for a reason--good move.
I love music with piano, especially classical piano.
I love getting to know the deepest parts of people (preferably over a spiced chai from Jittery Joe's).
I love skiing on Lake Burton--best scenery, hands down. Worst waves, hands down.
I also love letting my time in the lake water suffice as a shower. Who needs soap?
I love dried flowers. I also love fresh ones, which I then dry out.
I love clean sheets. Actually...I love clean anything.
Confession: I love Bethenny Frankel's TV show. And her dog Cookie. And her husband Jason and her daughter Bryn. (I told you it was a confession)

I love...making this list. It reminds me of all the things I love and how thankful I am for all of them and how I'm not sure I could live without 90% of them.
What do you love?


  1. i knew all of those. weird...not.

  2. I love my family (which includes you sweet baby!)
    I love to see the light bulb come on in one of my students!
    I love to Dad nurtured that in me!
    I love to listen to Denise pour out the word of God for us on Monday evenings!
    I love to find myself humming a familiar tune...and realize how very happy I am!
    I love my sweet, wonderful, amazing husband!
    I love being in the car with my family trapped and sharing our "favorites" from over the years.
    I love reading your blog!

  3. -I love your post and Mom's :)
    -I love sister nights like the one we'll have on Friday
    -I love baking...and then eating half the batter before I even stick anything in the oven
    -I love sitting in our living room at home with the family just talking
    -I love Ellie Bellie
    -I love sleeping in til 11....I don't get to do this enough
    -I love that I don't live far from "home"...and that I'll be even closer beginning 1/28/2012!
    -I love YOU!