Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I write this from home in Habersham, and I have to be honest; it's a little bittersweet. I'm so glad to be home for a while (only for 7 seven days though--I leave for Paris in a week!), but it was really hard to leave all of my friends today. After one last night together and quite possibly the best breakfast I've ever had at Mama's Boy this morning, it was time for good-byes. I hate those. But we said them anyway, knowing that we still have another year together.
(Here is Amberleia waving me off as I finally was able to make myself leave our house *tear* I'm going to miss her so much!)
And as I was giving my last big bear hugs to everyone, I realized just how much I love Athens. I love the neighborhood I live in; I love the the food; I love the music scene; I love the shopping and the people and my school and the sports. I realized that I don't want one more year left there; I want four. Maybe I'll stay around for a while?...if my dream of living in Charleston doesn't become a reality first.
I mean, who wouldn't want to live in Charleston? Especially in one of these guys? my dreams.

Although it was hard to leave Athens, I couldn't have been more sure that this was one of the best years of my life. I have been so blessed in so many ways, grown spiritually and emotionally, and feel stronger and more hopeful that God's plans for me are great than I think I ever have. And let me tell you, I took full advantage of my final moments in Athens. My last week there consisted of three meals and two pieces of cake from the Grit, five trips to Yoforia, a day at the lake, my first meal at Mama's Boy (new favorite), and hours of talking about life and love and everything in between with my best friends. Best week ever. Here is one of mine and Amberleia's meals at the Grit. If you've never been, these pictures will make you go. If they don't, you're not human.
Ambo's black bean burger and tabouli salad with lemon-tahini dressing. (side note: I had that menu item memorized. Sad).
My dinner: hummus platter with hot pita and veggies and a side of tofu. YUM!
Oh my am I going to go seven weeks without this?
So here I sit, missing Athens but glad to be home, knowing that in a week I'll be missing Athens and home but glad to be in Europe! Getting more and more excited and nervous and ready to leave everyday.

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