Sunday, May 15, 2011

i'll be back, burton

Today officially marked the end of my last weekend at home before I leave for Paris; thus, I was the one who got to choose where I wanted to have one last "hoorah" with the family. And where else would I want to spend it? (Hint below)
Lake Burton! God's Country, Heaven on Earth, etc... So we all packed up and headed to the lake for the weekend. I just couldn't resist having one last meal up there (I swear food tastes better at the lake). Dad grilled his famous chicken and mom baked sweet potatoes and sauteed squash and green peppers and onion and made strawberry salad..woah! That's a lot of food. Then we finished off with coffee and key lime pie yogurt for dessert. It was the best, really.
And though it wasn't sunny the whole time, we were still able to catch some rays. Besides, who cares if it rains at Lake Burton?
a. In my opinion, there's always basically a 60% chance that it will rain there on any given day, so to not expect it is setting yourself up for disappointment.
b. Even if it does rain, you can sit on the porch and read or snuggle up for a movie. I'm not complaining.
While I was on the dock I got some good reading done. A little heavy for hot weather if you ask me (weird, I know), but it was so good I couldn't put it down. It's called The Case for Faith, by Lee Strobel. If there is anyone in your life who doubts the existence of God or aspects of who He is, put this book in their hands. It holds some of the most compelling arguments for Him I've ever heard.
It always seemed to stay hot while I was outside, but the minute everyone came down to the dock the clouds swept in. Mom didn't enjoy this, obviously.

Going up there made me realize how much I'll miss it over the next few weeks. At the same time...I'm going to Paris. So I'm not that sad.
Also, be prepared for a blog post about the chaotic packing (that has yet to be started) in the next couple days. It will be yet another form of procrastination as I try to avoid packing for 6 weeks in one suitcase. What a joke...

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