Saturday, May 21, 2011

lost in paris

Day 3: I'm obsessed. The food is to die for--I don't understand how everyone here is so skinny?? It's probably because they walk everywhere..I probably walk an average of 3-4 hours a day, if not more. That's just getting from place to place. So I don't feel bad getting desserts at every meal!
Today I woke up and had to remind myself that I'm in Paris. I then set out with a couple girls (who I already love) to explore the city. We headed straight for the Longchamp store, which is only about a ten minute walk from St. John's (dangerous!) And let me tell you...first of all, the people working there were men. Very different from the U.S., where I feel like women definitely dominate the working positions in designer stores. These men were very fashionable and nice and polite and...handsome. (They're French, what else do you expect?) AND the prices are so much cheaper than in the U.S.! I guess because it's not an imported good here, but good grief my heart sang the minute I saw those price tags. 
We then set out for the Louvre to meet Janna because she had gone out for lunch with one of her friends who was in Paris for the weekend. Well, we thought we knew the general direction to go in, but after one whole hour of walking we were suddenly back where we started. You can imagine our we tried again. And succeeded! After wandering through many backstreets and markets, we finally saw the light; or rather, the Louvre. To say that it's massive is an understatement; I cannot wait to go back for a whole day with my Speech Communication class in a couple weeks. 
I wish I had pictures, but my camera has somehow already managed to die. So I'm charging it through an adapter right now and will hopefully have some color for my blogs by tomorrow. Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes!

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