Saturday, June 4, 2011

can't get enough

Warning: this post may seem a bit scattered at first, but just be patient with it. It will come full circle by the end (I hope).
I've been in Paris for right over two weeks now--can time please stop flying? 
And while here, I've discovered some things that I never thought I liked but actually love; I've also noticed that there are things I never really thought much about but am seriously missing since I've been away. 

Pistachio gelato. An ice cream flavored after a nut sounds gross, right? Probably not to every normal person, but I have mental discretions with a lot of foods, so I can get pretty picky. But since I've been here, it's like I'm on a 24/7 mission for the best pistachio gelato I can find that day. YUM!

I never realized how much I loved pita chips and popcorn and all of those great snack foods you can munch on while you watch a good movie. Let me tell you...they don't have those here. Probably because Parisians don't need "snack" food. Why can't this city understand how hungry I am ALL the time? (Side note: my mom just sent me a care package, and I asked for some popcorn. Thanks mom!)

NUTELLA. Obsessed. I eat it on fruit, on bread, off of a spoon. I do not understand why America is not obsessed with it too. I plan on starting a Nutella Revolution when I get back.

While I love Paris fashion, I am just not used to dressing up everyday. It's hard!...
Correct that: it just takes more effort than I care to put forth. But I'm trying to take on the fashion aspect of this culture. And let me tell you, my wallet does not appreciate it. 
But how can you not buy clothes when the stores look this cute??....sigh....

I miss how it smells back home. This sounds weird, but good grief y'all...Paris has serious sanitary issues. I get a whiff of something terrible every 45 seconds. What I wouldn't do for some fresh mountain air every once in a while.

While there are pros and cons of living in a different city, I wouldn't trade all of this for the world. I'm so grateful to have parents who supported me and encouraged me to take advantage of such an incredible opportunity. I couldn't be more blessed! The only thing that could make this trip better would be to have them here to experience all of this with me. 
I told you I wanted to add some color to my blog, so here are a few pictures that sum up this trip so far.
the best of friends..
incredible food..
lots of wine..
walks/runs through Luxembourg Gardens...
lots of adventures on the metro...
and of course...

Au revoir!

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