Wednesday, June 1, 2011

people watching

I told you I probably wouldn't be able to stay away from the Nutella long enough to write last night...although I will also place some of the blame on the fact that we decided to watch Saving Private Ryan at 9:30--which, by the way, took on a completely new meaning for me after visiting Omaha Beach over the weekend.

Yesterday I was able to check one more thing off of my Paris Bucket List: going to the French Open. Definitely one of the coolest things I've done. My sister told me that, apparently, Pippa Middleton was there yesterday too. Seriously? The thing is, even if I'd wanted to see her, I couldn't have because the seats she was in would have cost around 500 euros on the low end--not exactly in my budget. And if I could have seen her, I'm not sure that I would have wanted to because her newly-famous back side would have put mine to shame. 
To completely change the subject, I've been making mental notes of things I notice about Parisians. Some are admirable, some are not, and some are just strange. Let me tell you...
1. You will pass a pretty significant number of people on rollerblades on any given day. I kid you not, it's a primary mode of transportation for some. They fly down sidewalks on these things, expertly screeching to a halt at crosswalks and red lights. They wear them into the grocery store, onto the metro, everywhere. It's so strange, but it also makes a lot of sense. And I'm not going to lie, it sort of makes me want to be 10 again. 
2. Everyone dresses so well. Duh...I know. But they all look like they're about to go out for a night on the town, even at 9:00 in the morning. True life: I saw a woman who was probably in her 80s wearing 6-inch platform heels the other day. I felt so unworthy of fashion after I passed her in my penny loafers. 
3. They eat bread at every single meal and are still skinny...still. God only knows how they do it, but Parisians somehow manage to live off of carbs and still look great. It's probably because they walk everywhere, or maybe because their portion sizes are so much smaller. Probably both--probably two habits I should bring back with me. 
4. To continue from the last post, grocery stores don't have buggies; they just have baskets. I say this to imply that this may be another reason they're still so thin. They don't need these massive carriages to hold all of the food they're going to eat; they get only what they need and are done. Again...we could learn a lesson. 
5. When people eat at restaurants, they eat outside at little tables looking towards the street. I always find it extremely awkward when people sit beside each other rather than across from each other when they go out to eat in America, but somehow it seems normal here. They sit there, looking at out at the street, eating their carbs and smoking their cigarettes and looking anything but awkward.

I have more, but I'll save them. I also have more pictures, but my camera died...again. So I went to Le Bon Marche tonight and got more batteries--pictures to come tomorrow!

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