Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm back (and so are my blogs)

This comes almost a week late...but hello from U.S. soil! It feels so weird to be able to say that..weird, but good. Paris was wonderful, beautiful, romantic (well..maybe not for me), and altogether delicious to soak in. But it's true, what they always say: there's no place like home. Seeing my parents' faces waiting for me as I made my way through the Atlanta airport made me remember why I was so glad to be home--all thoughts about how much I was going to miss those banana nutella crepes just disappeared.
And upon coming home, I was reminded of everything I had so desperately missed while I was gone. Just a few things I'm even more thankful for now than I was before I left...

Carpet. I missed carpet, a lot. Every time we left for a weekend excursion, my first question was, "Is the hotel going to have carpet?"Looking back, maybe my priorities were a little out of line.

Fruits and vegetables. Oh my gosh, I missed those. Especially after my little health scare, I was given strict orders to avoid these. Do you know how hard that is when there are markets spilling over with fresh berries and veggies on every corner?

Ice in my glass of water, fabric softener, not having to wear shower shoes, almond milk.

People who smile and say hello, fresh air, listening to the crickets and tree frogs while I go to sleep, feeling honest to goodness clean.

All of this being said...this made it completely worth it:

Coming back home followed with a family dinner in Atltanta, a 15-hour snooze, and a long weekend at Lake Burton. And what better time to arrive back to America than July 4th weekend?? I may have loved Paris, but I absolutely love my country more.
Lake Burton was beautiful through rain and shine. The skies were blue and the water choppy for the first part of the weekend. The fireworks, as always, were spectacular; you could feel them in your chest as the sound of each echoed throughout the mountains. On Sunday, the storm rolled in. And as my mom, dad and I sat on the swing under the porch of our boathouse, we watched the rain sweep over one side of the lake to the next.
From here, I get to see all of the faces I've missed for so long. Back to reality!

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  1. And isn't reality absolutely to die for??? Love you, sweet girl! Mom