Saturday, July 16, 2011

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I love summer. I love it because it's hot. Really hot. I love the fresh fruit at the produce stands near my house, the catydids and the tree frogs that drown out all other noise when it gets dark, and the weekends that are spent lounging on the lake. It's one of the sweetest times of the year for me, and not just because of all the ice cream I eat.
Last week my mom and I were washing windows (not my favorite summer project), and look what we found!
A tree frog taking a break from the heat on our shutters
And a nest of baby birds waiting for lunch 

This is why I love summer. It's so simple; there's time to notice things like this that you can't during the hustle and bustle at all other times of year. Here's a little splash of color to show you a blip of my summer since I've been home from Paris:
Lots of time spent with Meme. Those are red, white and blue feathers in her hair. Tell me she's not the coolest grandma around! I swear she's still 21 and fabulous.
Taking care of Ellie Bear (my niece). Morgan is the volunteer coordinator for over 3,500 volunteers at the 2011 PGA Championship that will be held in Atlanta this August. Right now, she basically has no life, so we're babysitting Ellie for her until she can breathe again. SO proud of Morgan and so glad I have a snuggle buddy to sleep with :)

I love summer because it's when I finally have time to go to the movies with my mom. I love a good movie, but I don't love the frigid temperatures that theaters keep--so unnecessary. So this past week, my mom and I compensated...with my great-grandmother's hand-stitched quilt we found in the back of the car! We snuggled up, propped up our feet on the empty seats in front us, and enjoyed a good chick flick. Good day!

Something else that comes with summer--and maybe the best thing of all--is more time to be alone, to read a good book and blog and spend with God. It's refreshing, and I find myself feeling more fulfilled and yet lighter all at the same time. That's a feeling that only comes with summertime. 
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: God knew what He was doing when He planted me in the south.  

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