Thursday, August 18, 2011


The first few of days of classes at the beginning of any given semester will always, always bring UGA bus chaos. I completely understand freshmen not knowing where to go, being confused and hopping on random buses just so they don't have to stand there with a map in front of their faces anymore; sophomores and upperclassmen? That I don't understand. It's like the people have never been on campus before. They're astounded when they realize that East-West and North-South aren't just witty bus names but actual directions. It blows me away.
That being said, I have completely avoided the bus system for the past four days. The unfortunate part is that it's the middle of August, anywhere between 90 and 100 degrees at any given moment, and my classes are all a good 35-40 minute walk from my house. That includes steep hills from time to time. So it's no surprise that by the time I got to my first class today, my shirt was basically see-through because it was soaked with sweat. I walked into class fully aware of the fact that I wasn't making any friends today.
After spoiling in my clothes all afternoon, I figured I'd might as well keep the trend going with a trip to Ramsey (UGA's gym/athletic complex/everything good). I hopped on a machine, headphones in and ready to watch the diving team practice--which, by the way, I am ecstatic to have access to again. Before I knew it, a girl was hopping on the machine next to me. She literally smelled just like a honeysuckle. And for just a second, I wanted to smell like a flower too.
But then I realized that even if I smelled like anything but a flower, there were a lot of other things I had that some people only wish they had. Like two arms and two legs and 10 fingers and toes and a body that is able to exercise. So many times I focus on details--but isn't that just what they are? Details. God has given me everything I need and more, and taking that for granted is failing to acknowledge His grace and mercy in doing so. Be ever thankful for what you have; it will make you appreciate the honeysuckles in life.

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  1. Sounds like a little venting there, huh? I remember a little black and white character in Bambi that was named "Flower" but I don't believe you'd want to bear that scent :)
    We love you, "our little honeysuckle"!
    Love you...Morgan and Mom