Sunday, August 21, 2011

just a thought

Sometimes I have these thoughts, and they don't seem to be quite enough for a blog post. Then again, isn't that exactly what a blog is? More often than not, a compilation of thoughts should not be measured by quantity but quality. So here's a thought--and one that wasn't originally mine but has now become one of them:

"God's answer to the problem of suffering is that he came right down into it. Many Christians try to get God off the hook for suffering; God put himself on the hook, so to speak--on the cross. And therefore the practical conclusion is that if we want to be with God, we have to be with suffering, we have to not avoid the cross, either in thought or in fact. We must go where he is and the cross is one of the places where he is. And when he sends us the sunrises, we thank him for the sunrises; when he sends us sunsets and deaths and sufferings and crosses, we thank him for that."
-The Case for Faith

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