Monday, August 29, 2011

a splash of color

I'm aware that my blog has been pretty black and white lately...and I'm not referring to interpretation. I'm referring to literal color. I haven't had a lot of pictures--mostly because my thoughts have been too large to make room for any. So here's a splash of color! My life in pictures, ladies and gents:
This picture comes a little late...but the last part of my summer was spent at the 2011 PGA Championship at the AAC in Johns Creek. Morgan was the Volunteer Coordinator for the tournament, and it was so exciting to see all of her hard work (and many, many hours) come to fruition. I am still so proud of her.

 Celebrating Grace's 21st last weekend! I love these girls.

Blackberry mint mojitos and cupcakes--it doesn't get any better than this...

Here I am with the birthday girl herself

This past Saturday was Morgan and Trey's engagement party--essentially, the kickoff to the wedding festivities that will consume the next five months of our lives. And I couldn't be more excited--for the showers, the wedding, and the marriage that will follow!

We can't forget this little guy. You see the computer, the Bible (lots of prayers to help me through the semester) and the cup of coffee all joining forces. All of these things will be very close by for the next few months.
...who am I kidding? These will all be near for the rest of my life.

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