Monday, September 5, 2011

fall favorites day 2

So yesterday began my week-long journey in telling you everything I love about fall. My first was football--who doesn't love football?

Now we're onto day #2! How appropriate that it just so happens to fall on Labor Day? That's another one of my favorite things about fall--a day when all seems to stand still so that we can relax and enjoy the season that is soon approaching. However, Labor Day is not on my list of favorite things about fall. No, my second favorite thing about this wonderful time of year is...

(Actually, family comes before football in my life, so just know that the order in which I list my favorite things has nothing to do with the value I place in them). Fall brings families together--at football games, for birthdays (in my family), for long weekend getaways at the lake, for's just a family-time kind of season, and I love that. 
If you know anything about me, you know that, besides my faith, family is absolutely the most important thing in my life. Both of my parents were only children (crazy, I know), so both sets of grandparents have always been able to be there for everything: piano recitals, basketball games, cheerleading competitions, school plays, homecoming and prom picture sessions, late nights at Dairy Queen, everything. My parents, sister and I are also abnormally close--not in a bad way, of course--but in a way that is very rare. So it's an understatement to say that all the way from my childhood to now, being almost 22, a lot of my time has been spent with my family. And this is by choice; I love and value them more than anything in the world and wouldn't want to spend my time any other way. 

 My parents came all the way to Charleston last January to watch me run my half marathon. One thing I love about us is that I know we will never be less involved in each others' lives than we've ever been. I can't get over how blessed I am every time I look at this picture!

 The four of us the day after Christmas--we climbed the trail by our house that leads to the top of the hill to get this picture. The only thing better than snow on Christmas is enjoying it with....yep, family.

Everyone made the trip down to Birmingham two years ago for Morgan's  grad school graduation from UAB.

Mom, Nana and I all have October birthdays--last fall held monumental birthdays for both me and mom (she was turning fabulous 50, and I was turning the big 2-1). So we all went to the lake for a weekend to celebrate! Here's us blowing out the candles on the cake Morgan made for us from scratch. (Side note: if you want to see some more of her delicious kitchen creations, check out her blog!)

 All the ladies...

And all the guys--yes, Trey in the middle is Morgan's fiance, so come January 28, 2012 we'll have a new addition to the family!

I could keep this post going for days, but I'll end it on that happy note. Happy Labor Day!

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  1. Fall is here...really dark this morning when I left the house for work! It was wonderfully chilly and there is the start of a blanket of leaves over the driveway. Family gatherings are just around the corner...beginning with your birthday lunch!!! Yay...aren't you itching to discover your birthday surprise???? Love you and love your blogs! Mom