Friday, September 9, 2011

fall favorites day 5...and 6

So fall favorites day #5 came...and went...and no blog post. Whoops! I think I underestimated just how much work it would be to do a post every single day of the week; that would probably be because I've never managed to do that before. I now have even more respect for those ever-so-faithful bloggers who are dedicated enough to blog seven days a week. I'm just going to look at this not as a day missed but as a bundle of fall favorites all at once!
So you know what else I love about this season?

Fall Fashion 
Fall fashion is just so cozy. The boots, the scarves, the layers...I love bundling up! Oddly enough, I'm less than a fan of cold weather, but I still love the attire that comes with it. Here are some of my favorite fall finds I have my eye on right now:
which can also do this:
Tell me that's not the most versatile thing you've ever seen.

Love these things. It's my wallet that doesn't.

A burnt orange scalloped infinity scarf? This screams fall time.

And Baking...
I'm very aware that baking is not a part of everyone's fall routine, but it is part of mine for sure. Doesn't cooler weather make you want to hole up in your kitchen and bake cookies all day? The smell of something baking in the oven makes the scenery outside even prettier, the crisp in the air even fresher, the watching of football games more enjoyable. 
I've recently become slightly obsessed with The Pioneer Woman--I only dream of having a blog like hers one day--and there is a recipe of hers I am just dying to try. It's a recipe for Monster Cookies; please just look at this...
 they literally have everything in them

now that's my kind of cookie!

Hopefully I'll be blogging about my attempt at these sooner than later, if I don't eat all the cookie dough first...

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