Thursday, October 20, 2011

here's to 22

Today continues my string of special is my birthday! I love birthdays. I love my birthday, I love family and friends' birthdays, I even love birthdays of people that I don't know, because birthdays are great no matter whose they are.  
So here's to being 22. Woah....? Yes, 22. For some reason, that number sounds infinitely larger than 21. 21 is like, "Yeah I'm 21, I'm young and fun and I can finally order a glass of wine at dinner and not potentially get arrested."
22 says, "I'm 22, so that means I'm almost done with college and that much closer to full adulthood." 
And I still feel like I'm 16. 
But...I have decided that, even though 22 is somehow this dreaded age for college students, I am going to embrace 22 with wide, open arms...and then I'm going to squeeze it and never let it go. 

My roommate Amberleia and I were trying to come up with a "theme," if you will, for my birthday last night. It was sort of a joke, but in reality it's sort of not. She came up with wisdom, and even though we were being sarcastic about being older and wiser, I really do want that to be true. I want to appreciate God giving me yet another year of life, learning and experiencing and becoming increasingly wise as I make my way through it. So here's to wisdom: may it become abundantly more present in my life with each passing year. 

Birthday celebration pictures are coming soon! Believe won't want to miss the frittata I woke up to this morning. 
Happy Thursday!

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  1. i'm 22 and i feel like i'm 16! youth culture forever!