Monday, October 17, 2011

a special occasion

The past few days have been full--full of love, full of sweet friends (both old and new), full of desserts..lots of desserts, and full of celebrating some very special occasions.
(Side note: "special occasions" are the name my mom, sister and I give to moments when we need an excuse for eating an excess of sweet things. I don't know how many times we've said, "But dad, it's a special occasion...")
It all began on Friday, which was my mom's birthday. My mother is absolutely the most Godly, kind, generous, wise, loving woman I know--so I was beyond excited for a day to celebrate her life! We ate supper at one of our favorite restaurants in Clarkesville, The Attic, and then headed home for presents and spending almost two hours in the kitchen just talking and...cake. My sister was blessed with this ability to whip up dishes that could rival Paula Deen's, so of course she made mom a beautiful red velvet cake. It was...there are no words...but I guess delicious will do.

Yes...she really made that. I'm convinced she'll own a bakery one day. Actually I 'm just hoping she will.

Mom opening her card from Ellie (Morgan's dog)--Ellie is so thoughtful!
Then Saturday brought a linen shower for my sister, Morgan, and it was truly one of the sweetest things I've ever experienced (and it wasn't even for me!). It was overwhelming to see so many women who love Morgan so much and wanted to make that morning incredible for her. The view, the decorations, the food, the was all perfect!
I mean...can I be engaged so I can get my favorite new bedspread from Pottery Barn and have people make homemade truffles for me? Seriously, y'all.

This week brings even more celebrations! Cheers to more special occasions and reasons to enjoy the sweeter things in life...lots of them.


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  1. I LOVE special occasions and the people with whom I share them...and I'll take a "special occasion" every day! They make life so sweet (pun intended!)
    And...another special occasion is coming this weekend...another shower and another birthday!!! Whose would that be??? My sweet baby girl!
    Love you!