Friday, October 7, 2011


Didn't you know? Thursday is the new Friday. 
Anyone who's not in college doesn't understand it; professors hate it; and I'm loving it.
Allow me the pleasure of showing you why...

Look at who came into town! Sister week continued as Morgan made the trip to Athens to spend (yet another) night with me. The night began at East West Bistro downtown, which was a serious treat for me; my college budget doesn't usually allow me to dine there often...or ever. 
We ate outside, because the weather just could not have been any more perfect.  This picture makes me love Athens a little bit more than I did already.
Obviously, we made ourselves comfortable and didn't leave until well after the street lights came alive.

And then we picked up a few of my girlfriends and headed for The Melting Point to watch my dear, dear friend Emily Hearn and The Less put on one incredible show. Seriously, if you don't already have both of their albums, get them.
This made me all the more antsy for Em's full length album to come out. I need my girl power anthems on a CD already!

Now you know why I T.G.I.T. You should try it someone--treat yourself to a little weekend-eve fun! You won't regret it...until your alarm goes off Friday morning.
Happy Weekend!


  1. And...let's see, just where were we on Friday night? Just goes to prove that pain can be endured with a little fun!

  2. you're such a pretty little thing!