Monday, October 31, 2011

waiting on God knows what

Hey there, reality.

After a weekend getaway at my beloved St. Simons Island for Georgia/Florida weekend, I return to real life. It was good while it lasted...even up until the morning we left, which brought a run on the beach and a breakfast at Sandcastle that was to die for. 

Seriously...can I go back already?
So I once again face everything I decided to leave behind for a few days when I began the trip to south Georgia. See, I have this tendency to need to be in control of everything. Definitely one of my bigger flaws. And so I have a hard time being okay with a future that isn't perfectly planned out. I want to know exactly what it is that God wants me to do, where I will be, who I will be you get where I'm going with this? I'm a control freak. I even stack my pillows in a certain way when I go to sleep at night. I'm telling you, serious flaw. 

But for the past couple of weeks, I've been repeatedly getting this message--through scripture, through books, through conversations with people--that stresses the idea that being in a period of waiting can be a good thing if we allow it to be. Not knowing exactly what lies ahead of us shouldn't cause us to lose trust in a God who has literally planned out every step of our lives; it should do the opposite, allowing our faith to grow in the knowledge that only He is in control of any and all parts of our future. As my mom told me last week, "we just have to be willing to be willing." So true.

"Waiting may seem a time of inactivity, as far as the outer world is concerned, but it can, and should, be a time of great activity in the inner life, and the surrounding material plane."

We should be excited, not scared, of what lies ahead: "Bow as a child bows, in anticipation of a glad surprise being prepared for it by one who loves it. Bow in such a way, just waiting to hear the loving word to raise your head, and see the glory and joy and wonder of your surprise."

So use that precious time to cement a friendship with the God who will give you those surprises. And be excited about the unknown! I think I'm starting to be...

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