Saturday, October 1, 2011

words are words

I started flipping through a particular magazine yesterday--Garden & Gun--which I had never even heard of until then. My friends Kaiti and Grace exposed me to it, and I predict an obsession to soon follow. 

As I was skimming the silky pages, my mouth watering at every glimpse of southern soul food, I couldn't help but get hooked. Every story had such depth, such character and experience behind it that just cannot be made up. The styles of those writers are all so captivating...I can only imagine what it would be like to be able to use words in such a way. 

And, of course, I started over-analyzing and thinking more deeply on the worth of words. Words, when put together with care and knowledge, can create incredible meaning. They can suck you in and inspire you and create a passion within you about something you couldn't have cared less about two minutes earlier. We speak them every day--it's how we all get through each day, how we communicate and express ourselves (both in good and bad ways). 

But what are words really worth? They can be beautiful and meaningful, but if they're not acted upon they're seemingly worthless. I love to write--both about my everyday life and about things I'm thinking about or learning--but if I don't put into practice what I'm writing about, what good are those words? They're empty. They lose all meaning, because words I don't believe in and live out are just...words. Nouns and verbs and adjectives, nothing more.

I hope and pray that I live out my words, both the ones I speak and the ones I write. I don't want people to have to "take me with a grain of salt," but to take me for what I am (although I admit, I can tell a pretty dramatic story or two). Bottom line: let your words not just be words, but truths. They will mean so much more, both to you and to everyone who hears them. 

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