Wednesday, November 23, 2011

it's the little things

Um, what happened to the entire first half of my Thanksgiving break? Is anyone with me?

Maybe it's because I love being home (way more than most college students do, I can promise you that) or because I am drowning in school work that I am struggling to find time to finish or because I'm 22 and apparently time goes by faster the older you get--maybe it's a magic combination of all three--but this break has flown. Right past me and into the oblivion of days gone it has flown.

But that's okay, because it has all been good. My days have been full, but they've been sweet from beginning to end. Especially on Monday night when I finally saw part 1 of Breaking Dawn. I told you I would.

The homemade pecan and sweet potato pies are in the oven, the turkey is smoking, and Ellie's tummy is growling (or maybe that's mine).
We're so excited for Thanksgiving!
I'm thankful for so much, but not thankful enough. It's so easy to take even the smallest things for granted, so I am going to dedicate this blog to the "little things," if you will. Because it's those that make every day that much more enjoyable.
This is my favorite tree in our yard--namely because it is the only tree in our yard. And it's not even really in our yard. That's probably because our house is surrounded with woods, so why add more trees?
Its leaves turn the most magnificent red every fall, and even though the last rain left it mostly bare, the skirt of red that envelopes its base is just as beautiful as the burst of red foliage that proceeded it.

What a scene awaited me at the top of my driveway when I came home today! I should thank God for sunsets more, because He definitely didn't have to give us those. But He did, and I am so glad that He did.
I'm loving getting to cuddle with this little snugglebug every night.
I take that back. I love it most of the time. There are those moments when Ellie, with the entire bottom half of the bed up for grabs, decides that she would rather squeeze herself in between mine and Morgan's legs. Or on top of my body. Or right beside my face.
This is her mid-dream the other night. She looks like she doesn't have a care in the world...which she doesn't. She gets rubbed and scratched and kissed and is then told that she looks cuter the fatter she gets. What a life.
And then comes tomorrow morning, which will bring a family viewing of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and much anticipation about the meal that will be soon approaching. 
Who am I kidding? I'm already anticipating it.
I hope y'all have the most wonderful, restful, blessed, turkey-filled Thanksgiving this year! 

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