Thursday, November 10, 2011

time flies

Does anyone know what happened to October? And the first half of November? And this entire semester?... Because I don't. Time has literally flown, and I am now struck with the realization that I have two weeks of classes left before I turn in my portfolios, give my presentations, take my exams, and peace. out. And there will mark the end of my first semester of senior year. Luckily (or maybe not so luckily), I don't graduate until December of 2012, so I'm working on not letting myself get too worked up about my future until then. Again, I'm working on that.

On a different note, I am ecstatic about the approaching holiday season! I've already been thinking about everything I want to cook over Thanksgiving break (i.e., everything I want Morgan to cook). I'm thinking maybe this Pioneer Woman pumpkin (or, as she calls it, "punkin") soup:

I'm also thinking about these orange blossom cupcakes with cashew cream, although that might call for about 50 ingredients that I know for a fact are not in the kitchen at home:

But more than anything, I'm excited to be with family. I'm excited to have someone to sleep with every night (yes, Morgan and I still sleep in the same bed) and excited to have real, home cooked food every day. 
Still, I don't want to wish time away. I am legitimately alarmed at how fast this year has gone by, so I feel like I need to do a better job of soaking everything in. What a great excuse for more "special occasions," more long talks over glasses of (cheap) red wine, and more moments with Jesus. Because, really, aren't those what make life so good?

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