Tuesday, December 13, 2011

ellie goes to school

My mom teaches 2nd grade. 
Bless her.
She is literally the most patient, caring, encouraging, and enthusiastic teacher I have ever known, so spending the past 29 years with 7- and 8-year-olds has actually been wonderful to her. 
Again, bless her.

I love kids--I honestly cannot wait for the day when I have my own--but I can't say that I have the patience to do what she does everyday. However, I love short spurts of being in the classroom, so when mom begged me and Morgan to come help her classroom make gingerbread houses this week I gladly obliged! (Note that we will be decorating the houses we built today with candy tomorrow, and I have accepted leftover candy as my pay)
And Morgan and I weren't the only ones who made the trip to Clarkesville Elementary--Ellie came too! I want to say that the kids were most excited to have Mrs. Cody's daughters in the classroom, but I think we all know who got the attention...

But who can blame them? I wouldn't have been able to keep my hands off of this ball of fur at that age either! Who am I kidding?...I'm 22, and I still can't.

I was initially employed to help out, but I ended up building an entire gingerbread house for one of my mom's students who wasn't there today. And let me tell you, those things are not easy to make. The girls at my table and I took comfort in the fact that all of our roofs were collapsing, all of our graham crackers were breaking and none of us could seem to make our chimneys stand up perfectly straight. 
Did I mention that I ended up with icing on my face and in my hair?...somehow I managed to be the only one in the classroom with that problem.

I can only guess what tomorrow will bring...gumdrops in my shoes? Peppermint candy in my ponytail? 
There's no telling--adventures from tomorrow to come soon!

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