Sunday, December 18, 2011

ellie goes to school...again

Well Wednesday brought (the yummier) round two of gingerbread house making! It also brought payday, so that's always good news. (Who doesn't want to be paid in gingerbread families and gumdrops?)

While I didn't have my own gingerbread house to drown in candy canes and marshmallows, some of the students were kind enough to let me in on their constructions. Oh, to be back in second grade...

And good news: no icing in the hair that day! That may or may not have been pure luck. By the end of the hour, we were all a little tired--especially Ellie. So she plopped down right on the reading chair:

On a different, more grown up of my dearest, most precious friends, Grace Morris, got ENGAGED on Wednesday!! That's precisely why I have abandoned my blog--who can write with all of this excitement going on? I will dedicate my next blog post to that celebration a little later, but here's a quick glimpse into that night:

Many more details and pictures to come, but I just had to give you a taste of what I will undoubtedly be rambling about until May 26, 2012 :) I hope your Christmas break has been as full of happy things as mine has!

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