Monday, December 26, 2011

a story unfolded

Merry Christmas, y'all! 
Well...technically I'm a day late, but I just couldn't take myself away from the festivities long enough to blog yesterday. I was either fixing the tofu-veggie scrambler that I contributed to Christmas breakfast, eating pumpkin bread, resting in my pumpkin bread-induced food coma, enjoying (very amusing) family story time, or...eating pumpkin bread. 

Now for the more important part of yesterday: As my family and I were doing our Christmas devotional yesterday morning, my mom brought up something I find really interesting--and sort of incredible. We were talking about the three gifts the wise men brought and why they brought what they did (gold, frankincense and myrrh). I've always been taught that wise men brought these three things to Jesus after He was born, but I had never been told why
Gold represented His royalty as a King; Frankincense symbolized His divinity, as it had been used in Old Testament times (under God's command) on the meat offerings unto the Lord; and the Myrrh was actually a foreshadowing of His future death, as myrrh was then used in ointments to embalm those who had died--in this case, He who would die.
The wise men didn't just bring any gifts..they brought gifts that symbolized the enormity of Who they were coming to see: the King of Kings, the perfect and ultimate Sacrifice, and the One who would die for the world--even those who killed Him.

Knowing that changes things a little, I'd say. Gifts to God are not to be flippantly brought--it is, after all, God that we are bringing them too. What gifts am I bringing? What gifts am I not bringing? The story of Jesus' birth suddenly becomes much more than just a story. It is a command--a command to bring only the best. May we only bring the best. 

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