Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I resolve...

Hey there 2012!
The year that Morgan will become Mrs. Trey Wood..
...in other words, the first year I will have to sleep alone in my bed on Christmas Eve...
...in other words, the first year I will sleep on my parents' bedroom floor on Christmas Eve...
The year that I will graduate college..(deep breaths)
The year that I will spend a summer in Atlanta, foreign to big-city ways and the traffic that ensues..
The year that I will turn 23. There's nothing special about that, but it does sound like a pretty big number.
That's only the tip of the 2012 iceberg, but what a year already!

I have always found that the arrival of another year is always so refreshing, so brand new, so eager to offer another 365 days of memories. Some may be ordinary, some may be particularly life-changing. But they all make life better in some way; even if they don't seem to at first, know that they probably will later down the road. 
So with the new year comes the tradition of making resolutions, goals, promises to ourselves to do (or retry) everything we didn't the year before. 

Did you know that only 8% of people are always successful in reaching their new year's resolutions? 
(Don't ask me to cite my source--it's one of probably 5,000 out there and may or may not be the findings of a pessimistic researcher.)

My point is that new year's goals tend to stay just that: goals, not achievements. I applaud the efforts--mine included--but why do we have to wait for January 1st to set goals every year? So I'm setting new year's resolutions on January 3rd, thank you very much. 

I resolve to enjoy 2012 with more passion and more love and more drive and more hope than I did last year. 
I resolve to be a better daughter, sister, friend, and student.
I don't resolve to finish reading the Bible all the way through; I'm letting God decide how quickly I get through that.
I don't resolve to set any goals regarding fitness or diet or any of the above, because I just want to be healthy. And I don't give up cookies. I can't enjoy 2012 without cookies. Or Grit cake. 
Do you see why I'm not making resolutions regarding food?
I resolve to think less of myself and more of others. So...I resolve to be more like Jesus. But that should be a daily, hourly, by-minute resolution. So take the timing of that resolution with a grain of salt.

I am hopeful for 2012, and I hope that you are too--it's going to be a good year, y'all!

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