Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I woke up this morning feeling especially thankful for a few things in particular:

Grapefruit. I love a good grapefruit. Even though it takes me nearly twenty minutes to peel the skin off of each slice. Grapefruit also reminds me of my Poppie, which makes it that much sweeter to eat.

A college schedule. I don't have class until 12:20 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, which I once felt almost guilty about but am now learning to be so, so thankful for. It's a time to wake up and make coffee and have a quiet time and do laundry...wait, maybe I should figure out a way to stay in college a little longer...kidding, dad!

The women in my life. Morgan is finally back from her honeymoon--praise Jesus!--so now I can blow up her phone whenever I want to again. Seriously, it was a rough week. And, of course, my sweet mom..precious, right? I've said it before and I'll say it a thousand times more: I hope and pray to the good Lord above that I can be the wife and mother she is one day (hopefully with her level of patience, but that would be asking for miracles, so I'll keep it at this). 
Just ignore the tears that are fixing to spill over my eyes
Okay, I can't forget the man in my life. I'm in love with this picture! (and, obviously, the two people in it)

That doesn't even skim the surface. Those are really just the things I happened to be thinking about when I first woke up. Since starting this post I've thought about being thankful for the Yoforia that is walking distance from my house, the heat that warms my house (and my heart--because I really hate the cold), and the fact that I get to go to class and learn new things today.
That last one might not necessarily be true, because my comm. law professor doesn't quite possess the gift of teaching, but nevertheless...I'm thankful.

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  1. That last sentence just made my day :) bahahah

    Love this post! And you. Can't wait to see you this weekend!