Wednesday, April 11, 2012

my life [in color]

At this moment I really just want to write, but I am making myself wait until I have time to actually put thought into the words I often just let loose on here. 
So until then...
my past week in color:
The woods at the Cody house have finally blossomed into that luscious spring green I eagerly anticipate every year. It makes home feel like a fairy land...or just a house in the woods, I guess. 

Meet Gracie. She's 16 and talks almost more than any human I know. My mom always says that I don't give her enough love, so here

Stringing green beans with dad for Easter. Of course this venture started out with, "When I was younger..."

loved getting to spend Easter with this little one! I'm dying to get one of my own so that she can have a friend (also so I'll have something to cuddle with). But I'm going to wait until I'm older and have a real house and someone to share the responsibility with. And money. I think. 

much needed girls' night at Aromas...

real words to come soon, i promise

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