Tuesday, April 3, 2012

a rainy respite

Hellloooo April! Wait. What. What?? April? How is it already April
Then again, this weather lately has felt like a flash forward to July, so I guess it all balances out.

I had intended on continuing my work mode after supper, but this thunderstorm had other plans. How was I to bury my head in a book (one that is no Jane Eyre, let me tell you) when all I could hear was the patter of raindrops dripping off the roof of Jittery Joes, the never ending roll of thunder in the background? 

I also didn't really have a choice, because the storm caused Jittery Joes' internet to shut down.
So here I am, still listening to that rain and so thankful that God sent it our way. There is just nothing quite like listening to a thunderstorm as you go to sleep...nothing like waking up in the middle of the night and nestling just a little further under the covers as you remember how warm and dry you are...nothing like getting up the next morning to the smell of fresh rain. And nothing like the rain being over before you have to make that 30 minute walk to campus.
Nothing like it, no there is not.

So let's take note that it is April again. That means that I have all but one month left of my senior year of college (let's not take note that I have one more semester in the fall).
My friends and I have all realized, much to our dismay, that our time left in Athens is short. And we have resolved to soak it all in, whether that be with Yoforia or a glass of wine downtown or skipping a class to be at the pool. 

Here's to April! And all of its showers that will bring May flowers...and a transition to Atlanta for the summer! More details about that to come later--I'm soaking in today, for now.

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