Saturday, June 30, 2012

summer update: via instagram (and a few captions, too)

This post is more to pacify my OCD tendencies than anything else. Because how can I carry on with my blog when I haven't even written about what I'm doing this summer?? For all the blogger world knows, I could have been hiding in a cave for the past two months.

I haven't, by the way.

I've been in Atlanta, interning at a public relations firm called The Reynolds Group. I always knew that PR was a fast-paced industry, but now I know know? I've loved it though, finally getting to experience PR first-hand and see the side of it that you don't ever learn about in the classroom (there are moments I wonder if they don't do that for a reason). I've already been sending prayers up about the process I will begin this fall in applying for an opportunity to do this full-time. 
Where will I live?
At what agency will I work? Big? Small? 
Who will my clients be? Will I get perks? (okay...the second question is a selfish one.)
Will I have friends??
Who knows...we'll see what God has in mind in a few months.

I'm living in a beautiful house in Buckhead with three other girls who love Jesus and who love the city--what more could I ask for? It really has been a beautiful summer, amidst the unknowns that still linger. 
You can see for yourself:

Yoga on the terrace at Loews Hotel (one of The Reynolds Group's clients)

Well I can't go a WHOLE summer without being at Lake Burton....

...because then I would miss out on late nights on the porch like these

Camping out in a vineyard in Chattanooga with an old friend and some new ones

oh, did I forget to mention that one of my very best friends got MARRIED? Grace was the most beautiful bride--such a great wedding weekend! Love that one so much..

typical monday night in our house. awesome, right? (side note: this is my photographer roommate who is SO talented and you should check out her work! Or add her on facebook, because a lot of it is there, too. okay, that's all.)
and this is what I am coming home from, which was MUCH needed on my part.  chair in the sand, book in hand, life was...grand...)
And it's only halfway over. To be continued...

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